Monday, September 27, 2021

About us STS shipping company

STS International shipping company is a sister concern of  STS travels and Tours Pvt Ltd a renowned travel and tour company in India.  The company has managed to gain a good name over the course of time owing to their sheer hard work and perseverance. So it’s obvious that the legacy will continue and it has been proven by the shipping company already.

STS as an international Shipping company has many advantages and credit in its pocket when it comes to competing with others in the same industry. We offer the movement of goods, vehicles, equipment, etc. over a multitude of routes with most modern shipping vessels, vehicles, and air cargos that can guarantee swift and reliable transport with ease.

We know that there will be many customers out there with varied requirements and most of them are looking for is someone who has that scalability as an advantage in the transportation of their goods across the globe, both nationally and internationally. We assure you that our comprehensive freight solution will increase the strategic position of any company by leveraging our most modern resources and highly reliable workforce. And, above all, our freight solution is highly customizable and can suit any company for their advantage.

How do we do it? Through a network of offices, most modern freight capable automobiles, shipping equipment, and our beloved human workforce deployed across the nation as well the globe work seamlessly to make sure that your consignment has reached your hands safe.

What makes us stand tall among our competitors?

Due to the persistent demand in the Indian trade industry and commodities across the globe, there has happened a new horizon of opportunities and STS International shipping company is leveraging such a situation with the best of what we have. We have all the essential ingredients to be a top-class shipping company in India. All we are looking for is like-minded people to tie up with so that we can make sure that quality is maintained as a habit in the course of time of our existence.

What are our objectives in offering impeccable customer experience?

  • Avoid as much risk as possible and create a safe, sustainable, quality, reliable, compliant business that will benefit a lot of people
  • We believe that ethics has of utmost importance than monetary benefit and that has always been our success mantra for our travel and tourism and company and, we will bring the same moral values to our international shipping company or any sister concern for that matter.
  • We believe in continuous improvement of efficiency in our organization for that employee training and leveraging technology is a must. There is a constant monitoring team that will keep a check on all these factors and will do the required changes in achieving so.
  • We are a growing company and to reach our pinnacle we firmly believe that customers are an integral part and we will always art their service.
  • Our workforce is immensely trained and skilled and is the finest gem in our crown. They know the importance of customer satisfaction and would work for that extensively.


Our goal, aim, etc in establishing an International shipping company is to work smart, better, and continue with the good name throughout our existence. We wholeheartedly agree that within our limit we would make sure that our customers get the best that they deserve and continue to be truthful in all our deals.

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